20 thoughts on “FIFA 14 AC Milan Career #10 CHELSEA in CL HUGE GAME!!

  1. Get this video to 300 Likes if you want to see the next episode soon! 🙂
    Tell me your career mode stories in the comments!

  2. Damn Tom, please don’t just press circle and hope the ball gets in. Learn
    how to shoot a ball and you win your games 5-0

  3. Im doing a pretty cool career mode. I put all of the best teams in BPL and
    2 more leagues that are lower than BPL. Im using chelsea and i finished my
    1st season in 10th place.

  4. I’m in my 13th Season with arsenal, I’ve won 7 league titles 6 fa cups 4
    capital one cups and 1 champions league 🙂 I signed neymar in my 4th season
    and he’s remained at arsenal and is now 93 rated, which I believe has
    exceeded his potential! Anyway great video tom i might do ac AC Milan
    career mode when I’ve finished my arsenal one, keep up the beast videos! 🙂

  5. I just started second season with Liverpool and signed shaqiri and i won
    all my games :-)

  6. I am in my third season with lfc and have courtouis Neymar Vidal hunmels
    benteke ( 85 rated ) varane Oscar and Lallana I have won the bpl and
    champions leauge 

  7. leicester city second season, won champions chip in first season, now in
    bpl and in 4th place.

  8. juventus season 10 best player erik lamela 97 rated even doe hes 32 and
    doing great im going for my 8 serie a 7 cl 4 cup

  9. My best career;

    Ajax in the Eredivisie, used the Financial Takeover and spent 50M on Youth,
    scraped the league by two points on the final day vs PSV (Was losing 1-0
    and scored TWICE on the 90th minute), then won the World Cup vs Holland.
    Next season I had, somehow 75M to spend (Think it’s something to do with
    the Financial Takeover in the first season and bought Strootman).

    My favorite thing about this series;

    That you’re not winning every game and it’s a challenging one.

    By the way Tom, I had an AC Milan career at the beginning of FIFA 14 and
    Balo got 28 goals in all comps and I managed to get 62M off Real Madrid in
    my second season ☺️

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