The only thing constant in life is change yet no one likes change. Of course, people want their life to change for the better but are they willing to change their behaviours inorder to get that better life?

Also, except you are winning, much of life will suck but at least in one or two areas, things remain as they are and we don’t get to complain about them for if not anything, they serve as emotional runbacks. Something for the memory.


AC Milan used to colour Europe red and black. People loved and still reference the great days of Arrigo Sacchi, GenaroGattuso and Paolo Maldini.

Just like Manchester United who changed the narratives that kids do win trophies.

Those days look so far behind us. And every season, it increasingly looks like we will never get them back.

It is almost the end of the decade and AC Milan are fighting to avoid relegation from the Serie A. They used to compete back to back for the UEFA Champions League glory. They were in the top ten teams of the world.

Today, not only have they lost their way. They seem to have lost any sense of direction as to getting back to the top.

Teams get old. It is the natural order of things. Then there’s life: regeneration. But not in Milan’s case it seems. To watch them go from the hay days of Clarence Seedorf to what is has become is sad to say the least. Apart from the Spanish La Liga, it seems this virus of turning wolves of yesterday into lambs of today is still spreading.

Manchester United is failing so much, their failure is out of control. In Germany, Bayern is still strong but there is a reason they have not been strong enough to compete for the Champions League glory for the past 6 years. In France, PSG after years of languishing behind Lyon and Marseille needed Arab money to bulldoze their way back to glory.

It is really getting dark for big teams.


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