25 thoughts on “S.S. Lazio vs. A.C. Milan: El Shaarawy Goal Opens Floodgates

  1. I enjoy the FIFA predicts part but having to look at a close up of your
    face is really turning me off to the videos.
    I guess I’m being a dick or something, but I can’t help the fact that your
    face isn’t a joy inspiring sight. 

  2. Wish this guy could do commentary over real football highlights. Hes the
    best thing about kick tv

  3. you idiot who looks like mathdgamer and everyone knows your also the
    commentator and your still the worst kick tv member by far!!!!!!

  4. Lazio 1-2 milan (25min candreva lazio) (45min el saarawy ac milan) (66min
    menez ac milan) froza milan

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