Vincenzo Montella had a desire to wear AC Milan shirt

Vincenzo Montella had a desire to wear AC Milan shirt when he was playing the game, but, he could not have that desire turning into reality as the Rossoneri did not come to him seeking his services at any point.

However, now that it has been quite a long time since he hung his boots, he is going to be in Milan shirt, not playing, but, coaching the team and in his first interview he joked that even though his hairs are starting to change their colouring and become slightly greyish, he can still be useful to the Italian giants. Montella says he got himself into coaching post retirement because he was pretty curious about how the coaches work and what sort of pressure comes with the job. According to Montella, the coaches who are his role models have worked at AC Milan and they have set great benchmarks and he would also want to touch that level and get Milan dominating at the country level and at the continent level. There was never a more suitable time than this for Montella to take over at Milan as the ownership of the club is close to changing and it is likely to get him loaded with cash to go shopping in the market.

One of the important officials of the company which is supposed to take Milan under its acquisition even met Montella last evening, but, sources say it was more of an introductory interaction and the transfer topics were not on the agenda. Despite the sale of the club, the chairman’s position is understood to be retained by Berlusconi. However, it would be nothing more than an honorary position and would not have too much of power vested in it.