25 thoughts on “FC Barcelona v AC Milan from the inside

  1. Time to sack Tata Martino, I know the team is winning but thats because of
    Valdes and our superior skilled players like Messi, Andres & co.

    We can’t keep a cleansheet under Tata and when we face Bayern again we’ll
    lose 4-0 (again)

    We should have got a good coach like Martin O’Neill in when he was free.

    Thanks Tata, but time to resign or be fired.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing these moments with us , I learn that so many
    people working to deliver the match in perfect way for us..

  3. They actually use the google translate? Like REALLY?!?! They cant find
    people in barbelona who are fluent in english, spanish, and catalan?:p dont
    they know that the translation is not always right?

  4. Lol, they actually use google translate for some of translations on the
    website? I would’ve thought that they hired people with knowledge in all
    the languages that they have on the website.

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